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The most important person to a public official is the voter in their respective district. Businesses and organizations have individuals who are employees and members that reside, and more importantly vote, in the legislative districts. Simply put, an effective grassroots advocacy campaign can produce positive results even if you believe your opposition is well-positioned to outspend and/or outmaneuver you.

Cansler Consulting has proven abilities to help you:

  • research general public attitude toward your company's, or organization's goal(s);
  • examine the effectiveness of your current approach;
  • identify more compelling methods, including blogs, facebook, twitter, to convey your message;
  • generate enhanced public empathy and understanding of your goal;
  • organize your employees/members by legislative districts;
  • educate and motive your employees, or members on integrating a new message; and
  • solicit new groups as surrogates for your cause.

Cansler Consulting government relations lobbyistsIf you need quality representation from an entrepreneurial lobbying firm contact Cansler Consulting. We are a certified lobbying practice that is experienced in the multi-faceted and inter-related industries of Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food and Drug Safety, Health, Immigration, Transportation & Infrastructure, International Trade and Energy. Through our congressional and regulatory relationships established for over two decades we can help you the policy makers on Capitol Hill and navigate the federal budgeting process. You can contact us at