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Rural Economic Development

Rural Development - Agricultural, Energy, &  Healthcare Lobbying services in Washington, D.C. by Cansler Consulting Growing & Protecting Smalltown USA's Needs

Small towns across rural America are equally viable places to conduct a competitive global small business. Small firms, those with less than 500 employees, drive the U.S. economy by providing jobs for over half of the U.S. private workforce. Government business assistance and infrastructure development programs are available to help rural communities provide valuable assistance to help attract those 21st century businesses.

But today, it takes more than a tax incentive package to attract innovative, entrepreneurial businesses to rural areas. Communities across the U.S. are more and more relying on a menu of items that, when packaged together, attract small, innovative and entrepreneurial businesses. Some of those items include technical assistance, worker training and low interest lines of credit. Policymakers at the local, state and federal level are responding by offering a range of programs designed to attract and retain businesses in rural America.

Prospective businesses will need to be supplied with goods and services and locating in a rural locality may present additional challenges. To combat these challenges rural communities are developing regional business strategies that maximize returns on government assistance while improving access to those needed goods and services.

It is necessary for local governments to attract innovative, entrepreneurial 21st Century business and industry to spur long-term economic growth. In order to attract businesses, communities need to have the adequate infrastructure to support such growth in business. Oftentimes this requires securing federal funding that will help companies excel beyond their current incubation stage, diversify from manufacturing or other traditional sectors, and retain more high-level technology employees.

Cansler Consulting will work together with community leaders and local government officials to prioritize projects based on the economic benefits and build public-private partnerships that support infrastructure development, expansion, and modernization to attract 21st century businesses. Your economic development team needs to maintain a federal lobbyist who has an inside track on how to obtain federal dollars by implementing strategies that elevate your community above competing areas to assist in multiple areas of economic development.

Cansler Consulting can help your economic development team tap into business assistance programs and bring together public-private partnerships that help communities foster the addition and expansion of high-wage firms.

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