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Healthcare Reform

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The current U.S. healthcare system is the largest factor that contributes to the U.S.’ current and future fiscal woes. Healthcare costs continue to increase and demographic and other trends show increasing costs will escalate in future years. Over the past few years Congress has attempted to fix the ailing healthcare system but those attempts have yielded few realistic results. The Justices sitting on the nation’s highest court have decided on the constitutionality of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. In the ruling, the court upheld one of the most controversial provisions, the individual mandate requiring people to have health insurance, is permissible as a tax.

The U.S. healthcare system needs dramatic paradigm shifts in every component of delivery to reach its full potential. This includes patient experiences, insurance coverage, medical education and the design of medical facilities to offer treatment plans developed for individual patients.

Health Breakthroughs

Today there are exciting medical breakthroughs occurring in evaluating illnesses at the molecular level. We understand more about enzymes and proteins that trigger cancer growth. We can detect defective genetic structures earlier than before and prevent clinical symptoms from developing. We maintain an enhanced understanding of structural biology that allows us to develop drugs that interact positively with the body’s immune system.

Patients, Doctors: Connected

On an equally exciting but separate track, U.S. information technology, computers, iPad’s, iPhones and social networking are delivering limitless communications abilities.

For the U.S. healthcare system that translates into doctors, patients and research and development teams being more interconnected than ever before. As technology advances, within ten years we believe the U.S healthcare system will undergo major transformations. If your organization is interested in being a leader in this transformation presenting solutions to U.S. healthcare management please contact us today so we can assist you.

Your Organization's Government Relationship

If your organization is impacted by health care changes in federal policy, you need to contact Cansler Consulting today to see how we can assist in getting your needs and massage to teh right policy makers in government. Budget reductions are happeing as we speak and if you need your programs represented, please contact us today so we can lobby for your needs.



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