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Agriculture: Food, Fiber, Feed & Fuel For a Growing World Population

Agriculture, USDA, Agricultural, Farm, Lobbyist, LobbyingA globally competitive U.S. Agriculture is the key to providing adequate food, fiber, feed and fuel for a growing world population. It entails getting wholesome and nutritious products produced by 525 million farms around the world to market. That means globally we must continually produce efficiencies in the food, fiber, feed and fuel supply system. This can only be accomplished by adapting to new technologies and adopting policies and regulations that help the inter-related industries, involved in agriculture, competitively thrive. Cansler Consulting not only knows the key lawmakers and regulatory officials at the federal level, we know how to connect with them...

Thanks to their experience working directly in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Cansler Consulting is uniquely suited to communicate, strategize, and influence the policy makers involved in the agriculture industry. Tim Cansler, the founder of Cansler Consulting, has spent a lifetime working in the trenches of the food, agriculture and related industries, involved in everything from Congressional lobbying to writing bills to grass roots coalition building.

Whether you are an individual corporation, or an association involved in the agricultural industry, Cansler Consulting can help you communicate your viewpoints to policy makers, assist in influencing legislation, and develop strategies for succeeding in today's ever-changing global marketplace.

The Farm Bill

Typically, Congress reviews and reauthorizes a Farm Bill every five years. The current (2014) Farm Bill was supposed to be reauthorized before September 30, 2012 but it wasn’t signed into law until February 7, 2014. Passage of more recent Farm Bills have been pushed back as legislators are forced to reconcile the new Farm Bill with budget cuts and other polarizing political issues.

The re-authorization of the 2014 Farm Bill was the fourth for Cansler Consulting. Over the course of the years we have built long-lasting relationships with key congressional members responsible for formulating national policies relating to food, fiber, feed and fuel.

Moreover, Cansler Consulting also offers the unique understanding of implementation of the Farm Bill internally at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Our professionals have received recognition for farm policy implementation and maintain relationships with regulatory officials responsible for implementing the Farm Bill once adopted by Congress.

Cansler Consulting's experience has already proven vital for clients. During the 2008 Farm Bill, amidst a turnover of power in Congress and The White House, Cansler Consulting worked to help enact legislation authorizing $407 million over ten years for client interests.

The breadth and scope of agriculture policy is profound and crosses over into other peripheral industries including food, energy, transportation and infrastructure. The Farm Bill contains 15 titles covering commodity support, conservation, nutrition, trade, domestic and foreign food aid, research, farm credit, rural development, energy, forestry, horticulture and livestock and other programs.

Cansler Consulting has extensive experience and a genuine approach to advocacy in agriculture and its peripheral industries establishing the confidence necessary to convey your legislative and regulatory proposals to both lawmakers and regulatory officials.

During consideration and through implementation of the Farm Bill, you need someone with vast experience, comprehensive knowledge of the agriculture industry, government and strong relationships on Capitol Hill, in federal agencies, and with leading interest groups.



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